Monday, November 4, 2013

We've Been Busy!

Recently, someone asked me if I was still blogging.  Given that my last blog post was in May, and it's now November, you might think that I've given up and abandoned the blogging world altogether.  But that's not true.

We've been really busy!  Around the time of my last post, we embarked on a multi-month project that is still not quite finished.  We decided to expand our family room.  I mean dig a big hole, build new walls, knock out an old wall, the whole shebang.  We slightly more than doubled the size of our family room and also expanded the basement underneath the addition.  All other projects got put on hold while this has been going on.

This has been a BIG project!!  And although a lot of bloggers give updates and pictures all along the way, I'm more of a wait-for-the-big-reveal kind of girl.  So, I promise that a big reveal of the new family room is coming, but I just can't bring myself to put it on the blog until it's really ready.  So stay tuned.  It will be worth the wait.  We LOVE the new room.  It's getting close to being "done," but we aren't quite ready.

For now, I'll just whet your appetite a little by showing you my fall mantle.  Here's a hint:  The Amazing Grace art coordinates perfectly with the rest of the room.


  1. I Love, Love, Love the mantle sign!

    1. Thanks, Dan. I found it at Hobby Lobby a long time ago. It's exciting to finally have it hanging above the fireplace.